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Boost your business with AAT Apprenticeships

For local firms considering taking on an accountancy apprentice or keen to boost current AAT_studentsemployees’ accountancy skills and knowledge, AAT Apprenticeships, delivered by City College Brighton and Hove, enable staff to learn practical accounting processes and important communication skills. These skills can be applied directly in the workplace, helping to make staff more rounded, effective and committed team players.

“We’ve had four AAT apprentices working for the company in the last four years and they’ve always made a great contribution to our business,” says Carol Lewis, Director of Bainbridge Lewis Chartered Accountants. “We’ve found that they’re very keen to learn and help us grow the business and their energy uplifts the whole team in the office. As well as enabling staff to progress within the company, we’ve also had apprentices who’ve gone on to University and I feel proud that our business has helped young people with their education. The team at City College have always been amazingly helpful and have found us brilliant apprentices and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to take on an apprentice of their own.”

If you are interested in recruiting an AAT Apprentice for an April start or would like more information, please contact Jean Travis: or 07595 279922

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Why my Apprenticeship worked for me – Rachel Maddison, Procurement Advisor

After realising that University wasn’t for her, Rachel is now in a job that she loves – thanks to an Apprenticeship!

I left 6th form with three decent A levels, and after a gap year I started at the University of Rachel Maddison 2 crop low resBrighton. I choose Biology as it was my favourite subject but had no real idea of what I wanted to do career-wise. After two years I left due to poor performance, and started to look for a job. Apart from a few temporary bar jobs, I couldn’t find a full-time position anywhere.

Previously, I’d dismissed Apprenticeships as an option for people who weren’t suited to university and assumed they were really only for trade or beauty professions. However, after learning more about the range of subjects and training involved, I realised that not only were Apprenticeships the best way to start off in a wide range of sectors, but that it was simply a different, more practical way of learning.

I decided to go for a Level 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeship with Brighton & Hove City Council , and was excited to be able to work full-time while also studying. City College helped me to work out what units to take that would suit my job and main duties, and helped me understand how to complete my portfolio. My assessor visited me at work once a month to go through my work, and was always available by email if I needed any help. I also attended the College to complete my functional skills in English and ICT, and found the lessons easy to understand and very relevant to the tests.

My role at the Council was in the Procurement department, and after nine months of starting my Apprenticeship, I successfully applied for a permanent position in the team as a Procurement Advisor. The hands-on practical style of learning I’d experienced had taught me so much more in those few months than I feel two years of University would have. I’m still working for the Council and am about to start my second Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply Management.

My day-to-day work involves providing consultancy services to clients and commissioners from across the Council, mainly in the Children’s Services department. I ensure that when they are buying services, it is in line with the law, council regulations, and is also good value for money. It’s a challenging role but a rewarding one as I feel I’m making a positive difference in the delivery of vital services.  It still astounds me to think two years ago I was unemployed and lacking any kind of confidence or direction, and now I’m happy in a job I love.

I would definitely recommend all young people to consider an Apprenticeship, as it is not only a way to start a career by actually working full-time, but a great way to gain qualifications and learn in a more realistic, practical environment. Plus you not only avoid the debt of university, but get paid a decent wage.

If you’re interested in Apprenticeships, contact City College’s Apprenticeships team on 01273 667700 or email

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Apprentice success creates opportunity at Barrie Alderton

The success of two of its apprentices has encouraged Barrie Alderton Estate Agents & Lettings to open up another apprenticeship opportunity at their office on London Road. Lettings Administrators Tayla Sturmey (21) and Connor Smyth (20), who were recruited via City College’s Apprenticeships Team, impressed their employers so much during their Business Administration apprenticeships that they’ve now both been made full-time employees at the company.

Lettings Manager Peter Alderton says: ‘Having apprentices has worked brilliantly for us because our apprentices have grown professionally through learning the necessary processes and skills in a hands-on way. They’ve also brought a youthful enthusiasm to their roles which has been a real asset to the company. Because it’s gone so well with Connor and Tayla, we’ve decided to proceed along those lines again and offer an apprenticeship opportunity to a junior administrator. We’re obviously hoping to find someone who is motivated and enthusiastic with good computer skills. It’s also important that they’re a good team-player with excellent interpersonal skills because it’s a people-facing role.’

Barrie Alderton apprentices

Barrie Alderton apprentices

Connor Smyth says: ‘Being able to learn about a company and its sector from the ground up is great as you’re able to see all aspects of the company. This gave me a great ambition as I could see where I could progress within the company and it gave me goals to aim for.’

Tayla Sturmey says: ‘An apprenticeship worked really well for me because I was ambitious to create a career for myself and it gave me the opportunity to develop and learn.’

If you’d like to apply for Barrie Alderton’s apprenticeship vacancy or are an employer interested in taking on an apprentice, call City College’s Apprenticeships team on 01273 667700 or email

For City College media enquiries, please call Brian Bell, Marketing Communications Officer, on 01273 667788 Ext. 488 or email website

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