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We’ve had a makeover!


Our in-house hair and beauty salon, City Revival, was recently treated to a makeover of its very own. We’ve upgraded and increased our facilities to provide our students with the best environment in which to learn their trades. And it feels even more like a high street salon for clients.

We’re one of the leading hair and beauty training organisations in the South East so it’s fantastic that we can train the next generation of beauticians and hairdressers in conditions that mirror professional salons.

Our talented students offer everything from blow drys and highlights to manicures, facials and massages. Treatments are available for the public, so why not pay us a visit?

Get in touch

Our students are supervised by highly experienced tutors so you’ll receive a professional experience in the centre of Brighton, at a fraction of high-street prices!

Give us a call on 01273 667788 to book your appointment.


Photo credit: Gideon Fisher

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GCSE results 2016 – what if I don’t get my GCSEs?

Worried about your GCSE results?

Year 11 is a stressful time, it can feel like your entire life is taken up by GCSEs. There’s predicted grades, mock exams, revision, the endless post-its, and more revision, revision, revision!

The whole time you have teachers and parents telling you how important it is that you live up to expectations. That these grades will be the key to your future success.

Then there’s actually taking the exams, and that hit-or-miss feeling after, like; I owned this, or, what if I’ve failed?

Not to mention that nail-biting two months, waiting to hear if you’ve got the grades you were aiming for.

If you’re worried about your results and not sure what your options are, I thought you might appreciate a little help and advice…

Firstly, although a good level of education is important for yourself and your future. In time, you’ll find out that not everything is pinned on those golden GCSE results you’re hoping for.

If you want to go to go on to uni and you don’t get the GCSE results you expected, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s the grades you get at College that really matter, check out this little quote from the University of Cambridge:

“Our research shows that post-16 examination performance is a much better predictor of degree success at Cambridge…. Strong performance in Years 12 and 13 can make up for a less stellar performance at GCSE.”

So, there you have it from the best of the best – don’t stress!

So, the big day itself comes, GCSE results day – 25th August 2016, you’re surrounded by friends, you open the envelope… and things aren’t what you were hoping for.

Most likely you’ll be worried about one of two things:

Help! I haven’t passed Maths/English!

  • Obviously you’ll be disappointed, but at City College we’ve made a commitment to make sure every student is supported to achieve their GCSE English and maths.
  • You can do these at the same time as your course, and we’ll support you all the way.
  • City College has the best GCSE English and maths results of any FE College in the country so you know you’re in good hands!

Help! I don’t have the grades I need for my college course!

Lots of colleges will be able to either offer you an alternative course or if they think you can handle it they might let you onto the course you want with a review plan and support in place.

The main thing is to chat to them. They’re there to help and you’ll be surprised at the advice and support you can get if you ask.

Lots of colleges are busy around this time so if you can’t get through on the phone try to email them or get in touch via social media, you’ll probably get a much quicker response.

What really matters is that you focus on what you want for your future and work towards that. Simples.

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5 Lunches Under a Fiver!

Studying and working in the heart of North Laine, Brighton’s lively, cultural hotspot is one of our favourite things about City College!

These colourful, vibey little Brighton streets have everything you could ask for (and a tonne of stuff you never knew you needed!) from on-point vintage and boutique fashion to independent cafes and restaurants – you’ll never be stuck for something to keep you busy on your lunch breaks.

The problem for me, is I get a bit hangry around lunchtime and with all that choice it can be a little daunting! I’m sure I’m not the only one though, so to help you guys out, I’ve done a little “research” and come up with a top 5 hit list of lunchtime treats that won’t leave you with an angry burning hole in your wallet.

#1 We Love FalafelFalafel in Brighton

I think you’ll probably guess what these guys sell…that’s right, it’s falafel!

I actually don’t know anyone who has tried We Love Falafel and not loved it. They are really yummy and come in different flavours like sweet potato or olive and basil, sometimes you even get a fancy special like cashew & lime with peanut hummus. Basically they are delicious and you get loads for your money, a standard Falafel Salad Wrap is £3.70, they are huge and come with a rainbow of salad, gherkins and homemade hummus. Prepare to go to falafel heaven. #Goals

Location: 37 Sydney Street | Time to Central Campus: 1.5 mins | Cost: £3.70 – £4.95

Vietnamese food in Brighton

#2 Milk No Sugar

If you’re looking for something light and healthy, look no further than this family-run, no-frills Vietnamese Café.

You can get a delicious, fragrant Pho noodle soup for £4.50 or a Vietnamese curry and rice for a fiver. If you haven’t had Pho before, it’s a traditional Vietnamese soup with flat rice noodles, beansprouts and meat or tofu in a clear broth flavoured with lime juice, mint, coriander and chilli – lovely! Pho is perfect for a quick afternoon treat and they do take-out if you’re in a rush, which is also £1 cheaper = win!

Location: 68 Trafalgar Street | Time to Central Campus: 4 mins | Cost: £3.00 – £5.50

City College Cafe#3 Central Campus Refectory

As you probably know, Central Campus has its own café, The Refectory, which is run by the lovely guys from Harrisons Catering. Everything in The Refectory is priced with a student pocket in mind and you can get a really hearty meal for just £3.75!

But… Did you know? If you’re between 16 and 18 and your family receive certain benefits, you can get your lunch from The Refectory for FREE! You’ll need to be eligible and apply with a bursary form from the Student Centre, pop in to speak to Course Advice if you need some help!

There are daily offerings including, the classic full-English, pasta bakes, freshly made sandwiches, burgers and fries, soup, quiche and salad and also weekly themed menus reaching from the four corners of the globe, a recent favourite of ours was a Jamaican themed menu featuring jerk chicken, rice and peas! Don’t miss out – daily menus for The Refectory can be found on Vibe!

Location: Central Campus, 1st floor| Time to Central Campus: 0 mins | Cost: £2.75 – £3.95

The Real Junk Food Project#4 The Real Junk Food Project

Let’s face it, food waste is a big problem, even somewhere as progressive as our little city by the sea! It’s not just what we individually throw away, but the massive quantities of edible food our big supermarkets bin each year. When families are struggling to put food on the table and people are finding it ever harder to make ends meet, it’s easy to see why projects like this are slaying on the food waste scene.

What’s even more fantastic about The Real Junk Food Project is that this quirky little pop-up café feeds the local community on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis by using food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, encouraging diners to think more about the food on their plate. We really love this place, the food is absolutely delicious, it has a charming atmosphere that’s welcoming and friendly and on top of all that it offers an awesome space where everyone is equal, you pay what you can, and if that isn’t much no-one will judge.

If you want your lunch to be delicious and guilt-free pop down to One Church, Gloucester Place on a Friday, the café is open from 1-3pm but it’s VERY popular so expect a queue!

Location: One Church (Fridays only) | Time to Central Campus: 6 mins | Cost: donations in the box

Kitchen Cafe Brighton#5 Kitchen Café

Now, if you’re a bit of a traditionalist, this is the place for you to eat. Kitchen Café serve straight-forward, no messing around British food. Offerings are simple, incredibly reasonably priced and served by people who care a great deal about this little Brighton institution and of course its customers.

Kitchen Café has been going for an impressive 40 years and when you can get a full-English or some tasty homemade pie and mash for under a fiver, we can see why!

Location: 93 Trafalgar Street | Time to Central Campus: 1 min | Cost: £2.50 – £6.00

Rheanna Davidge-Huxley

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Isaac At Pop-up Pride

Let’s face it, if you’re local to Brighton, you have probably already heard about Isaac At, and if you haven’t, we’re sure news of this fantastic independent restaurant will be reaching you soon!

Since their launch in spring 2015, the Isaac At team have gone from strength to strength and are certainly proving their worth in the culinary whirlwind that is the Brighton foodie scene.

Isaac and George have put their City College training to exceptional use and are now Isaac@The Gallery Feb 16talented chefs and restaurateurs, who we expect will go on to achieve great success. Not only are they talented but they are also lovely young people, who wanted to put something back into the community by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with our current Catering & Hospitality students. We love to see our students flourish, and as you can imagine, we were delighted when Isaac At dream team and City College graduates Issac Bartlett-Copeland and George Thomas decided to return to where it all began, to bring an Isaac At Pop-up to City College’s own restaurant, The Gallery.

I was lucky enough to bag a table for the hotly-anticipated five course tasting menu and took along with me the most discerning food critic I know, my mother.

So, what did we eat and was it any good?

I had expected our students to do us proud and I was not disappointed – the service was excellent and the food was heavenly.

Our meal started with freshly baked treacle & stout bread and caramelised shallot brioche, which were still warm when they arrived at our table, my favourite was the caramelised onion brioche, which was both moreish and comforting… yum.

Our appetiser was a mackerel tartare which was delicious, but surprisingly the stand-out element to this dish was the marinated cucumber, which set off the savoury flavours of the fish perfectly.

Next came our starter – a bright, pleasing dish of roast carrot, puffed rice and carrot & Isaac@Pop-up-picstar anise puree. My mum loved the starter and was very impressed with the contrasting textures of, roast, pureed and braised carrot paired with the crunchy puffed rice. All-in-all the starter was full of flavour and went down a treat!

Now, I can’t comment on the veggie option as both of us went for the lamb main course but, the lamb was incredible. I kid you not when I say it was the most delicious meat dish I have had in a long while. It was cooked to perfection, and you could tell it was exceptional quality (which I can now verify after googling the suppliers, Westdene Butchers!)  Perfect. Just perfect.

I enjoyed our main course so much I did think the dessert might be a disappointment but our students held their own and proved me wrong! Poached pears and ice cream is something I often see on menus, and it is usually very nice, this dessert however came with a cardamom infused caramel brittle, the flavours were intense and exciting, which made this dessert very special indeed.

To finish the evening, our lovely waiter presented us with coffee and delicate petit fours of lemon & almond drizzle cake and fennel shortbread with chocolate ganache. Lots of people in my life claim to make the best lemon drizzle – sorry guys, this one wins hands down. It was vibrant and zesty and the perfect end to a lovely evening.

All in all my night at The Gallery made me brim with pride at the achievements of our students. The food was excellent and our attentive hospitality students ensured we were very well looked after.

If you get a chance, I would thoroughly recommend treating yourself to a dinner at Isaac, and George’s elegant and brightly charming restaurant on Gloucester Street – you won’t be disappointed!

If you are looking for a fine dining experience on a shoestring, then look no further than the College’s Gallery Restaurant, where you will find restaurant-quality food for a fraction of the price. For reservations and further information, please contact Restaurant Co-ordinator Stacey Pederson on

Rheanna Davidge-Huxley

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