City College’s ‘City Friends & Alumni’ group was established to strengthen links with former students and enable them to keep in touch with the College. The group provides regular updates on our news and events and is also a point of contact for former students who may be in a position to provide inspiration, mentoring and possibly employment or apprenticeships to current students. City Friends & Alumni can help you to build your professional and social networks, get involved with the Brighton community and inspire the next generation of students – and, of course, we always love to hear about what you have achieved since leaving the College and are keen to share your success stories!

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“I’m not an academic and have achieved success by having a very good base of knowledge from my days at City College. My time at the College covered everything from beauty treatments and cosmetic science through to flower arranging, business studies, psychology and more. I’d never have known at the time but I’ve used these skills throughout my career.” – Clare Rodgers – Owner/Founder, The Treatment Rooms

“Anyone who wants to become a chef in Brighton will go to City College to get trained. Being there gives you confidence because you’re cooking with other people at the same level who are progressing alongside you. You get taught all the classic dishes and fundamental skills which give you a good basis from where you can start creating your own ideas.” – Isaac Bartlett-Copeland – Head Chef/Owner, Isaac At

“‘When someone is interested in a career in business, I think it’s important to learn some of the fundamentals and that’s exactly what I got from studying at City College. When I came back and visited the College a lot of memories came flooding back and it really brought home to me what a formative experience it was to be a business student there and how some of the solid knowledge I gained has stayed with me through the years.” – Deborah Meaden, Businesswoman & ‘Dragon’s Den’ star

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